Sam Oddy, painter and decorator and sometime publican, 1813-1876Sam Oddy and his sister Sarah were the only (lawful) children of William Oddy of Gildersome, publican, 1786-1820.  They were the grandchildren of George Oddy, cooper of Gildersome, who took responsibility for them on the death of their father, who had been a widower.  When George signed the deed in 1820 for caring for his grandchildren, he had as guarantors Joseph Webster of Farnley, Leeds, farmer, and John Westerman of Gildersome, cotton manufacturer.  {NB were Joseph Webster and John Westerman relations of George Oddy?}

When Sam Oddy was bound as an apprentice to John Wilson Anderson, painter and gilder of Bradford, by his ‘uncle’ Samuel Blakey on 9 July 1825/6 (5th year of Geo IV).  The apprenticeship fee of £15 was put up by the Rev Lamplugh Hird.  Samuel Blakey was the husband of Margaret Oddy (1777-     ), sister of William Oddy (1786-1820).  Samuel Blakey and Margaret Oddy were married at St Peter, Leeds, on 4.3.1816.

Andrew Oddy (1942-   ) thinks that the wife of William Oddy (1786-1820) was Elizabeth Tetlaw and that they were married at Barwick in Elmet on 31.8.1812.

I also think that George Oddy, cooper, the grandfather, married Mary Ainsworth on 18.3.1775 at Halifax

Sam Oddy (1813-1876) founded the family painting and decorating firm of Sam Oddy & Son which traded in Bradford until the 1940s (I think).  It was successively in the hands of his son, William Oddy (1840-1908) and Sam Oddy (1868-1951).  The latter was the father of William T Oddy (1905-1985) who worked in the family business until the 1930s (and possibly briefly after the War) and the grandfather of me, Willaim Andrew Oddy (1942-   ), whose mother was determined that I was not going to be a painter and decorator!!!

Sam Oddy(1813-76) and William Oddy (1840-1908) are buried in a family tomb in Undercliffel cemetery, Bradford, along with assorted members of the family.  Sarah Oddy (1815-1888) died at Bridlington Quay.  She is mentioned on the family tomb, but I cannot remember if she is buried there.

Sam Oddy (1868-1951) is buried in Charlestown cemetery, Baildon, with his wife, Florence Annie, nee Tingle, (1872-1942), and the ashes of his two unmarried daughters.